Every 6 months Canonical makes a new release of Ubuntu. Each release is codenamed with an adjective and an animal. Both words begin with the same letter of the alphabet and the given letter more or less progresses with each release. It’s a great naming scheme.

For example, there was Warty Warthog, Hoary Hedgehog, Breezy Badger, then Dapper Drake. Edgy Eft has been release for 6 months now and Feisty Fawn was released recently.

Names are chosen from suggestions put up by ubuntu wiki members on this page. Late last year I added a few proposals (heres my diff), including the adjective Lampooning and the animals Lagomorph and Gibbon. And recently it was announced that the next release would be codenamed Gutsy Gibbon! I’m stoked, they chose gibbon!

I’m very happy because, in some small way, I’ve helped out. Now this 5 seconds of fame is over, maybe I ‘get some skills’ and help the product in a more meaningful way. 😉