With Simple Build Tool v0.7.3 it is now possible to find and execute JUnit tests without modifying them. It requires a patched version of junit-interface to be included as a test dependency. Here's how:

Until there's a version 0.4 of junit-interface, get v0.3 from http://github.com/szeiger/junit-interface
  tar zxf szeiger-junit-interface-6671824.tar.gz
  cd szeiger-junit-interface-6671824/

Get and apply the patch that will enable this to find native JUnit @Test annotations. Download szeiger_junit_interface_0.5.patch from http://groups.google.com/group/simple-build-tool/files and save as 'patch'. Then execute
  git apply patch

Build and publish junit interface locally.
  sbt clean update publish-local

Add the following line to the project definition for your project
  val junitInterface = "com.novocode" % "junit-interface" % "0.4" % "test"

Follow up with
  sbt clean update test

Provided you are on 0.7.3 of SBT, tests marked with the JUnit @Test annotation will have been executed.

Posted via email from Beavious Grodily Harm