There's an excellent article from Bradford Cross today on Lean. 

I particularly like the following bits:
  • Iteration boundaries can be handy management reporting milestones but they do not need to concern the card wall of a lean team
  • Retrospectives are ad hoc – ongoing collection via walls, conduct retro when wall is full. – what a great idea, we're going to implement this in my current team right now.
  • If your chunks of work are more than 2 days, you are doing it wrong. – where 'doing it wrong' might mean 'working with a cumbersome codebase that needs refactoring' *wink*
  • Automated QA test scripts are the created by the team, not just a QA – or perhaps your team is staffed with people who are BA/Dev/QA material all rolled into one.
  • Finger charts for finding bottlenecks –

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