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Matt is my brother … and no, he’s not plagued by mosquitoes. His vectors are a collection of vector-graphic illustrations which our family has been rapidly turning into facebook profile pictures

Such as these ones…


Even though I’m completely biased I do think these are quite clever and that he is very talented.

A complete set of his recent vector work is viewable on RedBubble @ They come complete with funky, psychedelic effects designed to hijack your mind if you observe them long enough.


This week’s RedBubble newsletter featured some Mawsons. Matt, Naomi and I were interviewed for the artist profile. My brother and sister got first billing, as is appropriate because they both do this stuff for a living. I was very happy to be mentioned too. Hurrah!

Please enjoy two more t-shirt designs of mine

The Singing Magpie


The Wary Breakfast


Has anyone heard of the RepRap self-replicating 3D printer? I wonder if its for real. They claim to have control software and instructions for making a self-replicating 3D printer, all protected by the GPL. It sounds pretty fantastic.