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DragonChasers has blogged about a new YouTube series called “The Guild”. As you might expect, its about the members of an MMO guild. Anyone who is or was an MMO junkie should take a look.


A few weeks ago I installed Miro, the free TV and video player for multiple platforms. The content available is a mix of TV show segments and specialist video podcasts (or ‘vodcasts’). A few days ago I subscribed to Planet Nerd and I think it’s fantastic.

Planet Nerd subscription in Miro

The show will not be news to any regular watchers of Melbourne’s community TV station, channel 31, as it is broadcast free-to-air. But Planet Nerd deservedly has an international audience via it’s Internet presence.

Episode 8 contains an interview with David Shea regarding that most haunting of childhood TV memories, the Dr Who theme music. (I’d love to know which cafe the interview was recorded in as the espresso machine in background looks devastatingly professional). This interview has broadened my expectations of what community television can and should deliver.

A musical interlude then explores what it takes to be Dr Who’s assistant. The episode concludes with a dark Harry Potter conspiracy that exposes corrupt, confunded officials in local and state government.

It’s a spine-breaking chortle-fest from start to finish. I recommend Planet Nerd to all fellow geeks, especially Gen-X’ers.