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Recently I’ve added some half-completed posts here. These were published via Posterous and did not render correctly on WordPress. I have removed the auto-post from Posterous to here, as no post is better than a broken post.

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There's an excellent article from Bradford Cross today on Lean. 

I particularly like the following bits:
  • Iteration boundaries can be handy management reporting milestones but they do not need to concern the card wall of a lean team
  • Retrospectives are ad hoc – ongoing collection via walls, conduct retro when wall is full. – what a great idea, we're going to implement this in my current team right now.
  • If your chunks of work are more than 2 days, you are doing it wrong. – where 'doing it wrong' might mean 'working with a cumbersome codebase that needs refactoring' *wink*
  • Automated QA test scripts are the created by the team, not just a QA – or perhaps your team is staffed with people who are BA/Dev/QA material all rolled into one.
  • Finger charts for finding bottlenecks –

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I inquired about the use of the Scala logo for the Scala Twibbon. The logo is proprietary after all. This is the reply I received (in the context of the Twibbon):

    "The Scala logo is a trademark of EPFL. In principle we reserve all rights to the logo, but we are happy to authorize its use for any legitimate Scala-related application."

    So the use of the logo for twibbon is absolutely fine. In general we tend to use the Scala logo in two forms: one with three "twirls" and the Scala name on the side, or, when no name is used, we normally use just two "twirls" to obtain a square icon.

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With Simple Build Tool v0.7.3 it is now possible to find and execute JUnit tests without modifying them. It requires a patched version of junit-interface to be included as a test dependency. Here's how:

Until there's a version 0.4 of junit-interface, get v0.3 from
  tar zxf szeiger-junit-interface-6671824.tar.gz
  cd szeiger-junit-interface-6671824/

Get and apply the patch that will enable this to find native JUnit @Test annotations. Download szeiger_junit_interface_0.5.patch from and save as 'patch'. Then execute
  git apply patch

Build and publish junit interface locally.
  sbt clean update publish-local

Add the following line to the project definition for your project
  val junitInterface = "com.novocode" % "junit-interface" % "0.4" % "test"

Follow up with
  sbt clean update test

Provided you are on 0.7.3 of SBT, tests marked with the JUnit @Test annotation will have been executed.

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