In breaking news, superhero Peter Garrett has protected the sleepy population of Australia from attack by giant bumble-bees! The threat posed by the shadowy Bombus terrestris was narrowly averted. According to official sources, the super-garrett was able to learn from the lessons of the disasterous Phantoad invasion of the 20th century.

Nice work Garrett-man. We can all sleep at night, thanks to you!


Since missing out on the funky limited edition T-shirt when Hardy Heron was release, I was determined to be one of the first to get the Intrepid Ibex shirt when it was released.

Well it’s out now. But I’m not getting one.

Limited edition Intrepid Ibex T (mens)

Limited edition Intrepid Ibex T (mens)


But, hey, if you like it, head on over to the Canonical shop and pick one up quick smart.

So, Turnbull claims credit for swaying the banks to deliver a larger portion of the massive 100 basis point interest rate cut than they might have otherwise. Yes, of course, Mr Turnbull is more influential than market forces.

As George Megalogenis (one of more thoughtful commentators on The Insiders) said last week, it is good for the opposition to put a contrary argument to the governments position, in order to force the government to justify its position. But the condition to this is that the opposition shouldn’t sacrifice its credibility.

Turnbull’s positions of (1) asserting the banks should pass on 100%, despite all expert advice to the contrary and (2) claiming victory for the 80% that was passed on are certainly extraordinary. I guess hasn’t done his credibility harm in the long term, but I do suspect he doesn’t believe what he’s saying.

I took a moment today to contemplate how lucky the casual observer of Australian politics is right now. Think back to a few years ago. We had a deceiptful, weasel-words prime minister and an unelectable st bernard of an opposition leader. Now we have a proficient & contemplative prime minister and a strong-willed, very liberal opposition leader. And both of them know how to structure an argument. Game on, I say!

NSW has pulled out of round two of the federal government’s computers-in-schools scheme (news). The NSW state education minister Verity Firth stated today that the cash-strapped government doesn’t have the funds to buy:

  1. electicity to run them;
  2. technical support to maintain them; and
  3. “let alone” the software to run on them.

Yet again mainstream has fallen victim to the “computer equals Windows” mindset.

The state of NSW should plan to install a solid and feature-rich linux distribution on their systems. Then they can help address their problems by:

  1. using less electricity
  2. avoiding the need to employ proprietary software certified technical support staff; and
  3. getting access to a veritable plethora of free & open software which will provide not only an excellent foundation for general education, but also a platform for true computer science education

Matt is my brother … and no, he’s not plagued by mosquitoes. His vectors are a collection of vector-graphic illustrations which our family has been rapidly turning into facebook profile pictures

Such as these ones…


Even though I’m completely biased I do think these are quite clever and that he is very talented.

A complete set of his recent vector work is viewable on RedBubble @ They come complete with funky, psychedelic effects designed to hijack your mind if you observe them long enough.

I’ve needed to google for this twice in the last week and took some time to find the answer each time.

If you dual-boot into Windows with Novell workgroup software installed (as is the case at my workplace) you may find that your machine enters a continuous reboot cycle the next time you power up. Here’s a post that documents how to restore grub in such cases.

Thanks to a post in the ever-useful I was able to get my Wacom tablet working under Ubuntu. Under Gutsy I spent the best part of a day trying to get it to work without any luck, but under Hardy it just worked.

This, along with my recent banning from WoW, means I’m now only 1 step away from deleting my Windows partition … forever!

I’m certainly no expert on the subtle heuristics involved in spam identification. But surely if, for the last few months, I receive a dozen emails per day with the content “Here are your banks documents.” and I mark each and every one of them as spam, gmail would get the idea that it’s probably spam.

At the very least the spammers should be grammatically correct. I have no idea if they mean “my bank’s documents”, “my banks’ documents” or “my banks, documents”. Perhaps I should just open the zip attachment and be done with it!

The cluttered inbox is a curse of the modern age. After a brief and somewhat awkward introduction from Dick Wall (wherein he speaks of superheroes and dirty underwear), Merlin Mann discusses the nuances of email management and leaves us with a better understanding of how to manage the daily deluge of inbox influx.